Progressive Democrats for Delaware

We're an organization that values action. We hold forums to educate, we fundraise for progressive causes and candidates, and we work with various communities within the state to effect real change.


Progressive Democrats for Delaware is a grassroots organization that exists to promote the election of progressive candidates, promote the adoption of progressive legislation, and advance a progressive ideals at the state, county, and local levels of the Delaware Democratic Party.

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The first step in moving the progressive agenda forward  is truly understanding the issues at hand. As such, we host public forums to hear from experts, and open a dialogue with our fellow citizens.


Both electoral and policy success require a significant amount of resources. Part of our mission is to help fund progressive candidates here in Delaware.


Voter registration, protests, community events, and get out the vote campaigns play a major part of our efforts. We focus on improving our corner of the map.

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If you want to help the progressive cause here in Delaware, now's the time to jump in feet-first.

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